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Floor Levelling & Screeding

Bathroom renovation - Newcastle Bathrooms

Levelling bathroom tiles floor

You can trust Newcastle Bathroom Renovations for all your floor levelling and screeding needs. Our team of professionals will make sure to deliver high-quality levelling and screeding results. To ensure a firm and robust surface, our team will first apply a mixture of sand and cement to your subfloor.

This approach will result in a leveled surface. Only after levelling off the surface, our team will start the tiling project. Our experts can handle any type of surface. They have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to floor levelling and screeding. The team of qualified, experienced and skilled professionals will always ensure that your floor is levelled by employing the correct screed installation procedure and right mixture.

Floor Screeding

You may not be aware of the word screeding. It is the type of material that is used to create a level surface. It is generally used as a wearing surface. Moreover, it is used to cover the underfloor heating system. It is usually applied before applying floor finish.

Though, if you are not going to apply floor finish, you should make sure that screeding is done accurately. Our highly educated screeding experts have immense knowledge and experience, which makes them the perfect choice for all your screeding needs.

Importance of Floor Levelling

The floor surface should always be levelled before flooring or tiling project is carried out. An uneven surface will cause enormous problems for you throughout your life. The absence of floor levelling will lead to loosing and separation of tiles. Moreover, your flooring life will get significantly reduced. Overlooking floor levelling will cause loss of your time, energy and money in the long run. Applying flooring and tiling without levelling your surface will cause significant problems for you in the future. Therefore, call us at your earliest convenience to get your floor levelled efficiently and effectively.

Hiring a Professional Service Provider

You can only ensure high-quality levelling and screeding services and desired outcomes by hiring a team of professionals. The team of Qualified, trained, skilled, talented, educated and experienced professionals at Newcastle Bathroom Renovations will do everything in their capacity to deliver exceptional services and outcomes.

We will always make sure that you are satisfied and received the desired outcomes. We guarantee you that when you hire our experts, you will get outclass services along with affordability and professionalism.

Quality & Affordable Flooring

Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is the ideal destination for all your flooring and screeding needs. Contact us today for your bathroom renovation project, and we will perform a detailed assessment of all your levelling, flooring and screeding needs. We guarantee that you will be delivered the best possible results at economical prices.

Our professionals possess all the skills, knowledge and experience required to provide high-quality services and desired outcomes. We are providing expert bathroom renovation services in New Castle, AU for many years. Call us today and experience first-class bathroom renovation services that will leave you amazed and satisfied for many years.