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Tiling is a lengthy process that involves picking up the perfect tile for your bathroom, kitchen, or room to finding perfect Newcastle tilers in the market. These are the most critical factors that need to complete before the start of the job.  

Tiling is a hectic job, so when you have bought the tiles, you have to think about its installation, that how the installation process will go through. Usually, many of us try to save money and try to do the job on their own.  

But if you do not have any experience in it, you should call a professional tiler if you do not want your money to go in drain. If you want to find out the best Newcastle tilers in your area, then this article might help you out to find it. We would recommend you to go through this checklist before hiring any tiler 

Our tiling job recently completed in Newcastle with a tiler using a tile levelling tool

Personal Recommendations 

Always have some advice or recommendations from the peoples those are closest to you or your family members regarding the renovator if they have made them do any task in recently. If someone recommends you Newcastle tilers, you should start searching regarding him and his work type.  

Ask about the details of the tiler as well as their timing, certifications, and cost-effectiveness. You can always ask your friends to rate the tiler they worked with. Try to ask about as many tilers as you can and then shortlist them according to your work type and budget. 

Find a Tradesman Websites 

A good tradesman is always present everywhere, so he tries to make his online presence more approachable and accessible. Even if any renovator is recommended for you, you should look out for their websites and reviews from different people around the globe.  

You can quickly evaluate a trade man quality with the help of those verified reviews, and even some of them have rated them in the end. If it seems like the trade man is best for, you can see the packages they offer and the amount of money they are going to take and hire them instantly. 

Social Media 

Many tilers have their accounts on social media for their work publicly. You can check them on Facebook pages they are running; these are tagged in many recommendations by the customers. Many Newcastle tilers upload there past projects to gain more customers. Twitter and Instagram are also a great way to check on any tiler many tilers have their reviews on twitter that may be good or bad. Newcastle tilers have uploaded many photos of their work on Instagram by which you can evaluate them and see if they are good enough for your task. 

 Professional Guidance  

You can always get in contact with professionals Newcastle tilers to get the best guidance for your work. Newcastle bathroom renovation is well known among the producers and distributors, and we are always recommended for the job.  

Our company always picks the best professionals and trained them perfectly to maintain our reputation in the market. We would suggest you always to hire Newcastle tilers because it always seems best and convenient. This ensures that your job is done effectively. 

Getting A Quote 

When you have picked up Newcastle tilers for your job, then you shall proceed to get the get quote from them. You can call them for the meeting to be arranged or can quickly go to their website and ask for it.  

We want to recommend you to have a meeting or a very detailed quote by you can tell them about their project and ask for their propositions for it. You get quotes from at least two tilers and compare then based on their rating, facts, and figures. You can also evaluate them by going through their past project that if they are of your interest! 

Few More Tips for Perfect Bathroom Renovation Tiling Project 

The Right Tiles 

You can select the best tiles for your task and match the theme of your house even though you are building a new house, bathroom or you are just renovating the old one with old items in it. Below mentioned are some fact that you can keep in mind when selecting new tiles: 

Tiling Purpose 

When picking up a tile, it is your choice what kind of tiles you select either you need a cleanroom or a modern looking room. The design you chose for your room is to create a warm, homely atmosphere?. There are many factors when it comes to choosing a suitable tile for your room 

Desired Space 

Tiles have a significant impact on the room atmosphere; compact structured tiles always make the room look smaller while tiles with the large surface area make a small room look bigger and fuller. 


Decoration affects your room renovation when you go for the new tiles with old items it should be matched. This theme of justification plays an integral part in the atmosphere of the room. Try to choose tiles according to your decor so you may not have to change anything in the bathroom after some time. 

The Right Tiler 

Once you have selected the tile for your house, now you may look for the company in your budget for the installation of tiles. It would help if you looked at companies that have good relations with the tiles manufacturer so you can get the tiles of your need very quickly and at wholesale rates. Then you would need verified Newcastle tilers for the cutting task and then someone with a reputation for installing your tiles. 

  Reputation & Reviews 

You can quickly check the reputation and review of any company. Evaluate if they are worthy of your job and time. The easiest way to check the reviews is to service providers’ website links or social media accounts. It is where you can go through so many reviews and evaluate their nature of work. Try to have personal satisfaction before hiring reliable and professional Newcastle tilers.  


Some good companies always have their portfolio for their valuable customers, so the customer can get full insight into their past project and work ethics. You have to seek it for better knowing the tiler you are getting in touch with. Every company entertains its customer in every aspect because they know customer service is an essential part of their job. 

Quality of Work 

Quality of Newcastle tilers can be checked at the start of the work. You have to keep notice of the methods they are using while cutting off the tiles. Check the tiles, if they have sharp edges or imperfect quality edges that may tremble later. They may destroy your large format tiles that are most common in your community. 

Bathroom renovation completed by our tiling expert in Newcastle with porcelain tiles

Questions To Ask  

When getting the deal done, you should ask the questions from the customer: 

 When can the tiler start? 

Good tiler is very hard to find and get them instantly. They have demand, and you have to wait a long time for your turn. We would suggest you wait for some time to get the best tiler rather than spoiling your renovations in the hand of a rookie. 

 How long will the job take? 

Ask your Newcastle tilers about the timing and schedule before the commencement of the task. It may harm your daily routine if the tiler works in your bathroom or kitchen. Try to ask them the time which benefits both parties and make sure it does not harm your family at any cost. Enquire them about weekends if possible. 

 What is covered in the quote? 

Nobody likes the extra unmentioned amount after the deal. You have to enquire about your tiler regarding extra cost and taxes. Ask them about paying the delivery charges i:e who will pay for that amount. Ask that who will pay for the extra supplies if necessary. If there is the extra time required for the work then who will pay for it? 

If you want to renovate your bathroom and make it more modernized or comfortable for the present and the future, then please make sure to check out the tips above mentioned. Get the best Newcastle tilers available in the market. This article will surely ensure you go through the whole process easy and stress-free and get the best service with ease and efficiency. 

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