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Stone Tiling

Bathroom renovation - Newcastle Bathrooms

Stone tiling is a recent addition to home décor options but is becoming enormously famous because of its unique and natural look. It is a perfect choice for you if you want to deliver your house an authentic and natural look. Moreover, it is idle for any type of surface including bathroom, kitchen, and pool.

The team at Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is proud of its ability to provide extraordinary stone tiling services. We make sure to provide your home with a pleasant, alluring and attractive look. We are specialists in delivering the desired outcomes economically. Contact us today for your bathroom stone tiling job.

Advantages of Stone Tiles

Following are the essential benefits of stone tiling in your bathroom:

  • Unique: The stone is created by nature, and thus the shades and variations are indeed unique. That makes every single stone unique.
  • Durable: Natural stones are durable, and commonly last long.
  • Hygiene: The ground does not pile up particles of skin, hair or dust.
  • Low maintenance: The good thing is it does not need too many repairs. All that's required to keep it tidy is a soft brush or a mop.

Artful Stones

Like other tiling materials stones are also available in a variety of colours, designs, sizes and colour combinations. Our team of professionalscan source and provide different kinds of stones for our valuable customers. Through our knowledge, experience and hard work, we will make sure that you receive the desired outcomes effectively and efficiently. Moreover, we also provide small stone pebbles that will make your bathroom and shower space attractive, tempting and alluring.

Interior Options

Unlike most other tiling materials, stone tiling is suitable for both interior and exterior décor of the house.When it comes to interior décor, stone tiling is preferred for kitchen and bathroom. It will deliver these spaces a unique, attractive and pleasing look. The tiling experts are sufficiently proficient at delivering any possible stone tiling outcome. We will make sure that you achieve your dream of a perfect home. Our team guarantees services and results that will meet your needs beyond your satisfaction.

Exterior Options

Stone tiling is the perfect option for tiling the exterior walls of your home, backyard and pool patio. It will make your house stand apart in the crowd. Furthermore, it will leave your guests amazed and surprised. The natural, unique and raw look of stone makes it an idle choice for any kind of tiling project. We are always committed to delivering unmatched stone tiling surfaces at unbeatable rates.

Affordable Stones

At Newcastle Bathroom Renovations we offer exceptional stone tiling services at reasonable prices. When hiring us, you don't have to worry about costs. Through our network of reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers, we can provide high-quality products and stones at affordable rates. We fully know the art of delivering excellent services effectively and economically. We have outshined our competitors through our competency, experience, dedication and hard work. Give us a call today to experience the most excellent bathroom renovation services with ease and efficiency.